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Missionary-Church Related Medical Insurance

Ramesh Patel, President and CEO of Community Insurance Agency, Inc. (CIA) has been dynamic in the Missionary Medical Insurance market for over 38 years as a recognized expert. Missionary Travel Medical Insurance - don't leave your homeland without it. The typical domestic medical insurance you rely on when you are in your homeland will not adequately respond to your needs when you are overseas, or even across borders. It is becoming increasingly important that everyone, including the career missionary, part-time missionaries, youth groups, outreach programs, missionary directors, and pastors, not neglect to secure appropriate missionary travel medical insurance. Get affordable missionary insurance for you and the people in your care. Provides long-term international medical insurance including furlough/deputation benefits.

International Travel Medical Insurance

CIA specializes in Group Insurance, for International Travel Insurance Market (U. S resident/citizen traveling outside the United States and/or a Foreign Nationals visiting the U.S.A). We believe that people deserve the best available when purchasing International Medical Insurance whether it is short-term or long-term for themselves or their loved ones. (We can insure individuals on ANY VISA). CIA represents insurance companies with 'A' - 'A+' carrier rating by A.M. Best & Standard and Poors. If you have any questions please call or send us an Email at Missionary@MissionaryInsuranceCoverage.com.

EMAIL: Missionary@MissionaryInsuranceCoverage.com