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Missionary Travel Medical Insurance - don't leave your homeland without it. The typical domestic medical insurance you rely on when you are in your homeland will not adequately respond to your needs when you are overseas, or even across borders. It is becoming increasingly important that everyone, including the career missionary, part-time missionaries, youth groups, outreach programs, missionary directors, and pastors, not neglect to secure appropriate missionary travel medical insurance. Get affordable missionary insurance for you and the people in your care. Provides long-term international medical insurance including furlough/deputation benefits.

  • Cost effective Missionary travel insurance program.
  • Offer Individual & Group Outreach travel insurance.
  • Individual can be written from 10 days to 2 years.
  • Worldwide coverage back home while on furlough.
  • No medical exam required for insurance enrollment.
  • Group can buy from 5 days & more / $1.80 a day.
  • Buy online & get instant ID cards & Embassy letter.
  • Online renewal is available.

Plan - 1 : Individual Outreach Travel Insurance (5 days to 2 year)
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Medical insurance for families & individuals: Addresses the ins. needs of U.S. citizens & non-U.S. nationals who need temporary medical ins. while traveling for int'l outreach anywhere outside of their home country.
  • 24 hour secure access from anywhere in the world to manage your account at any time
  • Short-term travel medical insurance - Coverage for individuals and dependents
  • Two plan designs - 1. U.S. citizens and 2. Non-U.S. citizens traveling outside their home country
  • Maximum Limits from $50,000 to $2 million - Deductible options from $0 to $2,500
  • Available in monthly and daily rates- Renewable up to 24 months if one month or more are purchased
  • Missionaries and churches traveling abroad on short-term outreach

Plan - 2 : Group Outreach Travel Insurance (1 days to 1 year)
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Medical insurance & Emergency Evacuation for groups of five (5) or more traveling abroad. Group Outreach can not only be purchased through mail or fax, but you can also APPLY ONLINE to receive instant ID card & confirmation by email. Daily Group rates: Premium per person per day. Group must select one option only & one deductible for the entire group. The max. benefits for ages 70-79 is always limited to $100,000 regardless of what max. benefit the group selects,& the premium will be the same for all ages as below
Daily Rates (up to age 79) Deductibles
$0 $100 $250
Option 1 $100,000 Max $2.25 $2.00 $1.80
Option 2 $250,000 Max $2.50 $2.20 $2.00
Option 3 $1,000,000 Max $2.75 $2.45 $2.20

Plan - 3 : Patriot Group Travel Medical Insurance (10 days to 2 year)
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Patriot Group Travel coverage is designed for organizations who have a group of 5 or more US citizens or Non US Citizens traveling together, and to a destination that is not the home country of any of the traveling members.  This plan provides the same benefits as the individual Patriot Travel Medical Insurance but with a 10% disc. rates for applying as a group.  This plan offers 100% coverage after deductible if the treatment is received outside US & Canada. In USA the plan pays (After deductible) 90% In PPO up to US $5,000 and then 100% up to policy max.  Coverage includes Emergency evacuation, repatriation, choice of deductibles & policy limits.
Sudden and Unexpected Recurrence of a Pre-existing Condition
Medical (for U.S. citizens only) Click for more information
Medical (for non-U.S. citizens only) Click for more information
Emergency Medical Evacuation Click for more information

Plan - 4 : Global Mission Medical Insurance (1 year or more)
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COMPREHENSIVE COVERAGE for missionaries and their families. Annually renewable Major Medical and Emergency Evacuation, provides long-term international medical insurance including furlough/deputation benefits. The plan is suitable for any nationality. U.S. Citizens must reside abroad or plan to leave the U.S. on their effective date and plan to reside abroad for at least six months with in next 12 months. This plan has a long-term, annually renewable, U.S. –Style major medical insurance plan. There are four plans available: Silver, Gold, Gold Plus & Platinum. There are two areas of coverage worldwide including or Excluding USA, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Macau, Taiwan, and Singapore, expatriates who want a quality medical insurance plan that will respond to their medical needs anywhere in the world. Outside US & Canada: Once the deductible is met Global medical will pay 100% for all eligible expenses as per brochure. Inside US: If you choose PPO providers in the USA, your deductible will be reduced by 50% (on their deductible, up to a Maximum of $2,500) and 100% coverage after that (for out of PPO: Full deductible and 80/20% up to $5,000; then 100%). for all eligible expenses up to $5,000,000 (Silver & Gold, Gold Plus) and $8,000,000 (Platinum INCLUDES MATERNITY BENEFIT, Dental & Vision) as per brochure.
Payments accepted: Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annually, Annually Renewable

Plan - 5 : Safe Travels Missionary Individual or Group Care (5 days to 2 year)
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Safe Travels Missionary Individual or Groups Plan:The Coverage for Individual or Groups traveling outside their home country includes Medical, Emergency Evacuation and Repatriation. The Medical insurance for families & individuals Single trip medical insurance plan designed for individuals involved in mission travel from Age 12 to 70 who travel worldwide (except Cuba, Antarctica and North Pole).
  • Medical Benefit Maximum per Injury or Illness up to $150,000 Ages 12-70
  • Medical Deductible: $0, The plan pays 100% of URC up to $150,000 per Injury or Illness
  • Covers emergency doctor visits, x-rays, prescriptions, labs, hospital, surgery, ambulance
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation and Repatriation $1,000,000 including, Accompaniment
  • Travel Delay up to $1,500, Missed Departure up to $1,000
  • Low-Cost Rates- $1 per day (30 days minimum), $0 deductible & 100% up to $150,000 maximum
Medical Rates - Days 1-30 / $30 Trip Cancellation Rates (Indv/Group) ** Cancel for Any Reason (Ind only) **
Additional Days 31-60 Ages upto 45 - 5% * Ages upto 45 - 8% *
No.Of Days ___x $2 a day Ages upto 46-65 - 7% * Ages upto 46-65 - 10% *
Additional Days 61-90 Ages upto 60-70 - 10% * Ages upto 60-70 - 12% *
No.Of Days ____x$3 a day Cost of Trip x ___ % =* Cost of Trip x __% = *

**You can choose one of the options - Trip Cancellation Rates
or Cancel for Any Reason (Ind only)

* Multiply by medical premium-

Low-Cost rates -
$1 per day (30 days minimum) $0 deductible &
100% up to $150,000 maximum

Plan - 6 : Mission Plus International (2 or more missionaries)
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MP+ International was designed to provide medical insurance to missionary groups of 2 or more by offering continuous coverage while overseas and back in the U.S. while on furlough or deputation. We recognize that nowhere are stable premiums more important than within the missionary community. Our attention to this fact begins with our unique plan design. MP+ International offer a wide range of worldwide benefits that follow missionaries wherever they go. At the same time, it is designed to encourage them to receive medical care overseas when feasible, where the cost of medical care is comparatively less expensive than in the U.S. Combined with other cutting-edge services like our Medical Travel Management benefit, MP+ International benefits and services are positioned to help you and your members take more control of your health care costs, which lends itself to greater premium stability.

Plan - 7 : Patriot Multi-Trip SM(Multiple trips of 30 days or less)
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Annual multi-trip medical insurance for individuals and families – Designed for those that take multiple trips Throughout the year outside the home country. It offers the annual plan at an affordable annual premium.
  • Short-term Int'l travel medical insurance – Coverage for frequent travelers up to 12 months
  • Two plan – one for U.S. citizens and one for non-U.S. citizens– $1,000,000 Max limits
  • Individual deductible – $250 per each covered illness– Annual premium
  • Multiple trip coverage throughout the year – choice of 30 days or 45 days in length
  • 24 hour secure access from anywhere in the world to manage your account at any time
  • Travelers under 76 who are covered by an individual or group medical plan
Please make sure you read & understand the policy details, including exclusions, before purchasing your coverage. Policy coverage can be viewed online via your web browser once you obtain your quote! You can also download brochure/application. If you wish to apply via fax or post, simply download and print application.